Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nursery Décor

When it comes time to decorate your baby’s nursery, there are many questions expectant parents ask themselves:

Ø Paint or Wallpaper?

Ø Gender specific or gender neutral?

Ø Classic, Modern, Country or Whimsical theme?

Ø Cartoon, Animal prints or Real Life wall art?

At Bonavita, we feel strongly that when it comes to designing your nursery, it comes down to your personal taste. As long as you keep safety top of mind, there is no wrong way to decorate!

With that said, we know that it always helps to have some creative inspiration and we wanted to share some great tips and visual ideas offered over at YoungHouseLove.

The dynamic duo of design and décor, Sherry and John Petersik are not only super savvy with DIY design but they are expecting their own bundle of joy in the coming weeks! Here are some of their top tips for nursery design.


Tip- Think Natural Light and Frog Tape

When Sherry and John found out they were having a girl, they didn’t go straight for the pink paint. Instead, they had visions of green and blue. Before making a paint purchase, they used paper samples (you can buy sample size paint and Oak Tag) and taped the samples to the wall – in natural light – to see how the colors will really play in the room in question. They chose beautiful colors of Celery Sticks for the wall by Glidden and Regency Pale by True Value for the ceiling.

Painting can also be very challenging, especially if you’re wielding a brush and carting around a basketball sized belly! But, with the use of some strategically placed Frog Tape, the final result was a bright, cheerful, and extremely colorful room!

Window Treatments:

Tip: Hit the Fabric Store

John and Sherry found a fabric they loved while visiting a discount fabric store in Richmond called The Interior Outlet. Not only was the fabric a perfect backdrop to the paint they selected for the walls, but being an indoor/outdoor textile meant it’s resistant to even the dirtiest child! Keep your eyes open in your travels and you may find you too are inspired by something unexpected. Once they found this fabric, John and Sherry were able to create custom curtains like this.

You can also add some fabric to the room by doing some simpler DIY work like sticking it in a frame (more on that later) if curtains feel too advanced.


Tip: Use non-toxic and water-based glue

All it took was some floral wire, fake hydrangeas in pink and yellow, and Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue, and Sherry and John created the perfect, whimsical mobile to hang over their baby’s changing table. While the end result was definitely worthwhile, it was pretty time consuming, and they chronicled the entire process here.

Wall Art:

Tip: Combine personalized photos with vintage prints for a one-of-a-kind collage!

Before they converted a bedroom into a nursery for their new addition, John and Sherry had an asymmetrical wall of frames that they wanted to keep but swap out to create a more kid-friendly collection. With a limited budget and some imagination, they created this fantastic wall collage that features vintage prints from Wall Bank and artwork from Etsy. They also found paper from Michaels and even used an advertisement for Skinny Cow ice cream in one! For a really sweet touch, they included photos of both parents as babies and some art of their beloved puppy Burger.

Note – this wall bench was a $7 find at a local thrift store, which they painted and recovered. It’s the perfect piece to house the basket of toys for their baby!

Storage Space

Tip: Strategically placed hooks provides extra hanging space

When they aren’t concentrating on getting their baby’s nursery ready, Sherry and John have been known to lend a hand and some creative know-how to friends and family. Armed with two packs of $9.99 hooks from Ikea, they solved a storage problem aesthetically by placing hooks underneath the wall mirrors. These hooks will always be functional – you can hook anything from bibs to knapsacks - and will be an integral part of the room even when the baby grows up.

Sherry and John Petersik, 27, live in a 53-year-old house in Richmond, Virginia and have lovingly and painstakingly refurbished the entire 1,350 sq. feet while chronicling every curtain and sconce decision on their popular blog YoungHouseLove. To see the entire nursery, from start to finish, visit here.

For our readers who are expecting, we hope this blog post helped inspire you as you think about your baby’s nursery!

Do you have some nursery photos you want to share with us? What about suggestions or tips on how to get started? Comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

As Always, Bonavita Wishes You Inspired Nesting!

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